National Gallery Research

The WAAS are conducting ongoing intermittent research at the National Gallery, pursuing our interests in matresecence, pageantry, the unseen and invisible forces and activities in the space.

We have created artworks from our research including The Milky Way and Not On Display. On this page are our work in progress and R&D notes.

This R&D is supported by an a-n bursary (2022) as well as our own time investments.

Ways of Seeing (Daumier Speaks)

In this sketch we explore the act of looking, the human gaze, and what a painting might be thinking as it watches the people in the gallery.

La Maternita

Exploring the touchpoints of motherhood and maternity in the collection, with an audio description of Picasso’s “La Maternita”.


In this PDF we capture some of the ideas and responses from a series of visits to the National Gallery in 2022.


As always please do feel free to contact us if you are interested in exploring these themes in your collection, gallery, practice or research.

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