Welcome to the WAAS

The WAAS is an artist collective formed in 2016 with the aim of activating women’s art. Principle artists Sharon Bennett and Sarah Dixon collaborate to make live art, performance and socially engaged works.


The Bureau for the Validation of Art

The Bureau for the Validation of Art

A Visit by the Officials from the Bureau for the Validation of Art is a performance art work that playfully mimics institutional and systemic power processes.

Permission Slip

Permission Slip

The WAAS can be called upon to write Permission Slips for anything you need permission for PROVISOS: We don’t issue permission for anything unethical or illegal.


Agony Arts

Drawing on the iconic model of the traditional Agony Aunt, we are inviting people to share their Agonies, whether related…

The Baby Makers - WAAS Creative sessions for mothers

The Baby Makers

The Baby Makers, a series of creative workshops for women in pregnancy, presented in collaboration with community midwives. Focussing on the power of making and crafting having a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing, the sessions create an intimate space where a group of women and midwives come together to make something. In doing so they form a community that supports them through the coming changes in their life.