The WAAS Presents

WAAS Events: Record of Activity

  • The Baby Makers – Oct-Nov 2019 Supported by Midcounties Cooperative, Homestart and NHS Midwives, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
  • Kickstarter x Social Art Network Mentoring program 2019 – Activating Women’s Art
  • Social Works? Live, Manchester, 26 April 2019 – The Bureau for the Validation of Art performed 3 Validations as part of this Axisweb event.
  • Art Licks, London, 2018 – The Bureau for the Validation of Art performed 11 art validations
  • For Mother’s Day on Sunday 26 March 2017 the WAAS was at Atelier with a day of arty crafty fun, expression and stimulation for mothers. Women sewed respect into their knickers, made a MotherBunting and learnt to Crochet with Croshare. There was inspiration/consolation in the afternoon with a screening of ‘Lost in Living’ – a documentary film about mother-artists. Celebrating MotherBunting Mother’s Day.
  • To celebrate International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8 March 2017, we hosted the Inaugural Stroud Wikithon at Atelier Textile &
    Craft Club in Stroud. This was an Art + Feminism event. We ran it again in 2018.
  • We also hosted a Symposium ‘It Takes A Village’ – how can mother-artists be sustained? Covered by a-n in 2017
  • We supported Jill MacKeith to launch ‘Motherhood & Metamorphosis’, a group show at the Lansdown Gallery, Stroud