We are undertaking a self-directed residency at The National Gallery in London supported by an a-n bursary 2022.

We began researching motherhood and mothering in the collection for a commission called Social Artists for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (SAFEDI).

Out of this research we produced The Milky Way, an interactive game for gallery visitors about breastfeeding in paintings.

In NOT ON DISPLAY we are delving further into the question of what is not visible in the Gallery – invisible and unseen forces or relations; figures and objects in hiding; and paintings kept in storage or moved unannounced.

Women often are conditioned and patrolled to hide parts of themselves both physically and emotionally, and much of the female experience is kept private and may be unbeknownst to those who are not party to that.

In this film artist Sharon Bennett is making visible the air flow from a floor vent. After a short time Sharon rises from the floor and moves away. See if you can spot why.

In this film artist Sarah Dixon plays with a cloth and hiding in the public space.

In this alternative version of NOT ON DISPLAY 2, artist Sarah Dixon hides behind a closeup of a painting by Bronzino, featuring a strange girl with a snake’s tail and a hand that faces the wrong way around who is hiding in the painting.

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