The Baby Makers

The WAAS's Sarah Dixon attaches a Baby Makers handmade sign to the doorway of the meeting room.Photo © Catherine Harder Photography

We are delighted to announce we have been awarded funding for a new series of Baby Makers sessions by the National Lottery Community Fund for 2021. 

This is a program featuring a series of workshops for women in pregnancy.  It offers supported creative practice in a group, as a way to address connection, emotional health & wellbeing for midwives and pregnant women.

We have run a series of 8 sessions in late 2021, for women in pregnancy. A doula and other support workers joined the group to give support and also as creative participants.  In spring 2022 we will be offering a series for new mothers in the first year after giving birth. 

We offer stipends to all participants to ensure there are no financial barriers to taking part. 

About the Baby Makers

Focusing on the positive effect that making and crafting has on mental health and wellbeing, the sessions create an intimate space where birthing women and those who support them, can come together to make something and form a mutually supportive community. 

This combats isolation and loneliness that is often experienced by vulnerable mothers. It also provides midwives with time for their own wellbeing. 

Parental mental health issues around the time of childbirth are known to have continuing impacts on children into adulthood, which has implications for everyone. 

Pregnancy and the post partum are times of increased vulnerability for the onset or relapse of a mental illness (Smith et al., 2011). Depression and anxiety are the most common psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and the post partum (Alipour et al., 2012) and the symptoms can range from mild to severe.”

Pilot 2019

The project was piloted in the Stonehouse area in Gloucestershire.

The pilot was possible thanks to funding by the Midcounties Cooperative Fund. Our report is now available (PDF) and we are open to partners as we continue this project. We are very grateful to midwives in the Stroud District for supporting and participating in the sessions.

Email  if you would like to work with us.

Baby Makers Report