Agony Arts

Agony provided by Patti Maciesz – @artpatti

Drawing on the iconic model of the traditional Agony Aunt, we are inviting people to share their Agonies, whether related to Covid, Art, Life or anything else.

These could be worries, rants, frustrations, difficulties or burdensome secrets – whatever needs to be shared by members of the public. The Agony Art team will respond with advice, art making, sports activity, healing rituals, bureaucratic processes, committee meetings and other creative and performance practices.

Feedback from the participants will give us Effectiveness Data, from which we can create an Official Report for policy makers to guide their decisions in dealing with Agony.


The following are some of the ways in which Agonies will be dealt with:

Art: turning Agony into songs, poems, print, sculpture, ballet, or interpretative dance piece – this could be with the involvement of multiple artists.

Sport: Dartboards, baseball bats, footballs and boxing are used to deal with people’s expressed frustrations, pains and rants

Woo-Woo: We perform healing energy baths, enchantments, drumming, and use tarot and Art Oracle card readings and fairy wands. We can also release the Agonies submitted by the public into a sacred Fire.

Corporate: Agonies can be submitted for consideration at an Agony Committee Meeting for processing by bureaucracy: including but not limited to:

securely shredding documents, using stamps, and holding minuted committee meetings, keeping logs and storing records of Agonies. Agonies can be classified and filed in the appropriate folders. Letters may be issued and Ministers notified. Official documents can be created in triplicate and forms completed.

Agony provided by Patti Maciesz –


The WAAS asks all participants to complete a Feedback Form, to find out which of these approaches is most effective in dealing with Agonies of various kinds. We will eventually present a report of our findings for use by policy makers.



Please submit your Agony here. You can choose to be anonymous, or provide credit details. We cannot guarantee to process all Agony.