The Bureau for the Validation of Art

The BFTVOA is a performance artwork devised by Sarah Dixon and Sharon Bennett. In it, the artists perform a bureacratic Validation process using a series of questionnaires and a docket with a stamp. The work is intended to provoke uncertainty and questions around who gets to validate art, what makes art art, and how it feels to be judged, amongst other things. It simultaneously acts on another level - the inner mind which doesn't distinguish between performance and reality - as a meaningful and important ritual, allowing artists to psychologically experience validation.

The Bureau for The Validation of Art - A Visit to Hoe Street Central Bank from Sarah Dixon on Vimeo.

The WAAS sent two Officials from The Bureau for the Validation of Art to the Art Licks Festival 2018, ensuring that the viewing public were able to confidently experience Artworks knowing they had been validated as, in fact, art.

A total of 11 artworks were validated over the Art Licks weekend and happily all the works examined were indeed found to be art, including an exhibition that the creator thought was not art, but in fact, The Bureau found that it was.

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The Bureau is available for Validations on request. Please use the contact form on the Activation page to request a Validation.

The Bureau for the Validation of Art presented by the WAAS is devised by Sharon Bennett and Sarah Dixon.