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About the WAAS and How to Join

The WAAS is a women's art collective based in Stroud, Gloucestershire but with an international remit. Members can propose collective work or simply operate under the WAAS banner, with the proviso that a WAAS project meets the aim of activating women's art. This can be your own art or that of other women. If your work can be assimiliated into the wider culture for the activation of women's art, so much the better. 

We are open to new members and new ideas. Currently we have been rather quiet but some new activations are germinating. Autumn 2018 will be a new time for action so do let us know your wishes. Group crits have been mooted. 

We have a Facebook group for those wanting to engage that way and contact us from afar.

You can join the WAAS for just £5 a month (minimum commitment 3 months). Members are part of the collective and we work together to activate women's art, including our own. Non-women are also welcome to join to support our work and participate in the activation of women's art. 

Download the full details here, and contact us to proceed with joining us. We look forward to hearing your ideas!