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The Women's Art Activation System

About the WAAS

The Women's Art Activation System is an artist collective, designing processes and hosting events to support and facilitate arts generated by women. Do get in touch if you would like to have your art activated or would like to activate women's art.

WAAS Events


Art Licks Weekend 4-7 October 2018 'Peripheries'

The WAAS will present themselves as Officials from the Bureau for the Validation of Art and will be attending Art Licks events offering Validations. 

The Bureau's decision is final and discussion will not be entered into.

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Past Events

The WAAS have catalysed and created the following events:

  • Stroud Wikithon 2017 + 2018: Updating of Wikipedia to better reflect women's contributions to the arts. Supported by and with Art + Feminism
  • 'It Takes A Village' - How do mother-artists sustain a practice? Symposium involving contributors from London, Cheltenham, Stroud and elsewhere. >Reported in a-n by Frances Bossom
  • 'MotherBunting Mother's Day' - craftivist art at Atelier Textile Club
  • 'Motherhood & Metamorphosis' - group show at Lansdown Gallery Stroud, curated by Jill MacKeith