The Women's Art Activation System is an artist collective, designing processes and hosting events to support and facilitate arts generated by women. Do get in touch if you would like to have your art activated or would like to activate women's art.

New Project

We are thrilled to have been awarded funding by the Midcounties Cooperative Fund to deliver a series of workshops for women in pregnancy. 

We will be working with midwives in the Stonehouse area to provide space for women to connect with other mothers-to-be and try out some creative ideas. 

We will have a friendly get-together in September for anyone interested to find out more. The group begins in October. 

Do join us - email and let us know if you are interested.  


The Women’s Art Activation System (WAAS) is an artist collective formed in December 2016 with the aim to support, explore and promote women’s art.

By playfully appropriating models from society at large, the WAAS develop systems for the activation of women’s art in many different settings.

Principal Artists

Sharon Bennett is a socially engaged artist. Working collaboratively with community groups, artists or family and friends she blurs the boundaries between the traditional positions of artist, artwork and audience. Bennett was recently Artist in Residence at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, is co-founder of Croshare and a founding member of The Women’s Art Activation System (WAAS).

Sarah Dixon is a socially-engaged artist using a wide range of platforms and media to create participatory works. A founding member of the WAAS, her work explores how rituals and customs affect us and how we can update and modify them to work better. Her work has been shown at the ICA, Oblong Gallery and on a cyberbus in Moscow. Dixon is a current recipient of an AN mentoring award.

WAAS Events

The Bureau for the Validation of Art presented by the WAAS is devised by Sharon Bennett and Sarah Dixon. A Validation was carried out with Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn at the Hoe Street Central Bank for their artwork 'Bank Job'. The work was found to be valid as Art. VALIDATED


The BFTVOA will be seeking to travel to New York to ensure validated Art is being presented at Frieze 2020. Watch this space for announcements.



At the WAAS Headquarters in Stroud, Glos. or online. Book your activation session here to get your art idea/project/practice off the ground or up into the clouds...WAAS artists will be supporting you with coaching questions, ideas, contacts, feedback...whatever works for you.